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The De Pere Greenwood Cemetery is not owned by any entity. We rely solely on the savings and burial fees. That is why to preserve the cemetery until the end of time donations are needed to preserve our hill which is in desperate need of repair to prevent further erosion, and to stop the further erosion of our historic monuments. If we use the present funds there will be nothing left to maintain the cemetery.

Donations can be made at any one of these Johnson Bank locations:

• De Pere Greenwood Cemetery Monument Restoration Fund #6287
• De Pere Greenwood Cemetery Landscape Restoration Fund #6317

Donors may be eligible to deduct contributions they make to the cemetery IRC Section 170 (c) (5) if the contributions are voluntary and are made to the cemetery as they are irrevocably dedicated to the preservation of the cemetery as a whole. Donors cannot deduct contributions they make for perpetual care of a particular lot or crypt. Also, donors cannot deduct payments they make as a part of the purchase price of a burial lot or crypt. EIN: 39-0320145