William Woodward

Vice President

William has served on the Board for the last 2 ½ years and has served as VP for the cemetery since the passing of Tom Keidatz last February. Bill is an attorney with von Briesen & Roper, sc. He has been practicing law in Green Bay for over 20 years. His parents William S. Woodward and Noreen E. Woodward are buried at the Cemetery. He has an obvious interest in the care, maintenance and future of De Pere Greenwood Cemetery and maintaining a level of respect for those interred at the cemetery. As an attorney, his expertise and training has been a great asset to the board and future preservation of the Cemetery.

It is with his expertise and help that we have been able to move the Cemetery to current standards and updating the By-Laws from 1859 to 2018. Bill’s help is tremendously invaluable.

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