Maureen (Webb) Gagnon - Board Member

Maureen has served on the Board since 2017. She is the VP of Gagnon Clay Products. She is a lifelong resident of De Pere growing up just down the road on Fox River Drive from the Cemetery. She attended De Pere High School and St Norbert College. She has been a State Licensed Interior Designer for almost 20 years. She is very involved in the community even being on the Dancing with the Stars for the Heart Association annual fund raiser. She is married to Jim Gagnon and has two twin sons and three grandchildren. Maureen’s parents were Dr. Neil and Mary Webb who was president of St. Norbert College between 1973-1983. Her parents were buried in the Cemetery after a tragic plane crash.

Maureen’s vision to see the Cemetery preserved historically and enhanced for future generation has been great.

Maureen Webb Gagnon | De Pere Greenwood Cemetery Association Board Member