Help us maintain the beauty of De Pere Greenwood Cemetery for future generations.

Maintenance/Biannual Cleanup

We are in continual need of help in weekly cleaning up the cemetery of sticks, watering plants, weeding, etc. Immediate need at this time are volunteers to pick up the garbage and dead branches, etc. from the hillside. Anytime you want to do this please let us know, and know how grateful we all are on behalf of those who have family here.


Every Spring and Fall we have a cleanup day where we spruce up the cemetery for coming seasons.


We also need help every year placing Veterans flags on the graves the weekend before Memorial Day.

Monument Restoration


• Take before and after pictures for our records, and email us on all monuments that you have/are cleaning.


• The product to use is called D/2 Biological Solution (We use this on Granite, Marble, and Sandstone monuments)… D/2 is what the Government uses for all our National cemeteries including Arlington. It is safe for the monuments as well as the surrounding environment. We will supply D2 Biological Solution as well as brushes and pails to those who want to help clean the monuments.


• Rinse the stone with water before spraying D/2 on the still damp stone.


• Allow it to sit for several minutes while the product begins to break down biological debris. When cleaning, always use a natural or soft nylon brush with a consistency similar to your toothbrush.


NEVER use a hard bristle brush.


• Periodically rinse it with water before re-applying D/2 and carefully scrubbing as needed to see your progress.


• Hand dry with a clean, DRY cotton or microfiber towel.


• Finally, spray a light coat of D/2 over the entire monument and allow it to continue to work into the stone. Typically in 2-3 weeks’ time the monument will look beautiful


Watch as Andrew Lumish of the Good Cemeterian professionally cleans U.S. military veterans’ tombstones in Tampa, Florida. Click here to visit his website.