Randall Lawton - Board Member

Randall has served on the Board since 2017. He is married to Catherine and has raised two sons in the family home in De Pere. He has a BA & MBA in International Business from Universidad de las Americas, Mexico City, Mexico 1968 & 1969. From 1970-2005 he was President & CEO and from 2005-present is the Board Chair of C.A. Lawton Co., a 137-year-old family-owned industrial machinery and iron components manufacturing company, located in De Pere, WI. Randall is also active as a Board member for numerous for-profit and non-profit organizations, currently including Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust, Gathering Waters Conservancy, Community Partnership for Children, Bay Area Community Council, Libertas, NPS Corp.

Greenwood Cemetery is of serious interest to the Lawton family as it is their family’s principle burial locations and for its historical significance as one of De Pere’s important cemeteries and historical landmarks.

Randall Lawton | De Pere Greenwood Cemetery Association Board Member