Scott Van Eyck - Sexton

Scott has served on the Board since 2021 and is a dynamic and accomplished individual, known for his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for making a positive impact on the environment and his community. Born and raised in Green Bay, WI with seven other siblings, he has called De Pere his home for many years, becoming an integral part of the local fabric.

His journey in education began with a strong interest in business management. Equipped with a solid academic foundation, Scott ventured into the world of business ownership in downtown Green Bay. He successfully managed others enterprises, leaving a mark on the local business landscape. Scott shifted his focus to becoming an independent business owner and owned his brick-and-mortar business for many years. Driven by his commitment to environmental sustainability, he now specializes in lawncare and environmental maintenance. His dedication to preserving the natural beauty of the region has made him a respected figure among eco-conscious individuals and organizations.

Beyond his professional achievements, Scott finds great fulfillment in his personal life. He is a loving husband and devoted father to two children, cherishing every moment with his family. In addition to being an attentive family man, he is an active member of his local church, where he nurtures his spiritual growth and engages in community-driven initiatives.

Scott Van Eyck - Sexton | De Pere Greenwood Cemetery Association